Welcome to ALAKAI

“Alakai was born to offer ethical, earth-friendly clothing for every woman and child; ultimately creating a better future for your children and mine. This brand is so much more than a brand; it has become my life’s work and my gift to humans who deserve better - both makers and consumers.”

~ Amy, Founder and Creative Director.


Created for women who love beauty, quality, and purpose.

Before launching Alakai, Amy spent nearly two decades working in Sydney’s fashion district, Surry Hills. With roles in graphic design, e-commerce, and digital marketing for prominent labels, it was there that she became disillusioned by the harsh realities of the fast fashion industry. 

Years later, after having her first baby in 2014, Amy struggled to find children’s wear that met her wish list. She longed for whimsical, timeless, unique styles that were comfortable for children while also being made responsibly. With so many boxes to tick, it seemed an impossible mission. 

Undeterred, she set out to design her own ethical children’s wear. She crafted a few
garments, testing the waters on Instagram to establish whether there was a
market. Unquestionably, there was.

In 2015, the brand was founded and the story of Alakai had only just begun, every
piece thereafter telling its own tale of beauty and purpose.


A movement of conscious women, overlapping a series of generations.

Since the inception of Alakai, we have been a children’s wear brand. Over the years, an evolution took hold, through countless requests. Alakai mums wanted carbon copies in their own wardrobes.Whether to match their child, or simply wear on their own, we couldn’t deny the demand. So, the second iteration of Alakai was born, for Mum and Mini to both be a part of the Alakai movement.Each design is considered, with motherhood at the forefront of design.

Pregnancy is such an abundant, empowering, and beautiful stage in a woman's life and we want to honour that with beautiful clothing.Each garment serves a purpose during all seasons of life, through pregnancy, feeding and beyond. Sourcing the right textiles is everything to us. We want you to feel comfortable, covered, and relaxed in every Alakai piece you choose.


She wears her heart on her sleeve

The Alakai woman has an unshakable determination that is underscored by love. She lives in equal parts fantasy and reality. She follows world issues, and carries them on her heart whilst advocating for change. She cares for the planet and its inhabitants and isn’t afraid to stand up for what truly matters. She is whimsical yet educated, dreamy yet driven, passionate yet soft. She is a game-changer, earth-lover, and daydream believer.

The Alakai woman is woven into the very fabric of our story. She is as much a part of the fabric as the makers and the yarns themselves. 

“I am so fortunate to have loyal customers who have followed me every step of the way. We have been able to create a community of beautiful souls and like-minded women, giving them space to express themselves in beautiful clothing that truly makes a difference.”

~ Amy