“As a mother of two, I strongly believe in setting an example. I make it my priority to evolve the fashion industry into a new era, where we leave a much lighter footprint on our beautiful planet. Our actions matter.” 

~ Amy, Founder and Creative Director.


All about effortless, eternal, ethical pieces.

Alakai was founded on values and purpose to create change in the industry and the world at large.

From ethical manufacturing to creating our own sustainable, artisanal fabrics, we have carefully created a supply chain on the foundation of humanity and respect, whilst consciously and profoundly reducing the eco-footprint that commonly shadows the fashion industry. 

Alakai collections are thoughtfully and slowly made by family-owned factories throughout India and Asia, all with whom we work very closely to ensure our makers are truly aligned and following our values of ethical, responsible, and sustainable manufacturing. 

We support artisan craft and fair trade. Our makers receive responsible wages, and work legitimate hours in a clean, healthy, and safe environment.

Let’s celebrate the makers who make this world so beautiful through fashion. 


Durability disguised as beauty.

Alakai pieces are made slowly with care and love. They run in minimal batches, rather than being churned out by the hundreds. Each seam is sewn carefully to stand the test of time so your items will remain intact for generations to come. 

While many factories are on strict time schedules to meet the fast fashion demands, our approach is very different. We encourage our makers to move slowly and carefully with precision, so you know your pieces will last a lifetime. 


Honest, artisanal and beautiful workmanship.

Our supply chain is yours, and we aim to be fully transparent with you, bringing you behind the seams and scenes of Alakai.

When you purchase an Alakai piece, you have the confidence of knowing how and where your garments were made. We involve you in every step of the process, from fabric printing to packaging.

It takes six months for a block print to be developed, approved, carved, established, and for the final fabric to come to life.

 Our artisans use ancient sewing and printing techniques. This is a slow, intentional approach that results in a better quality, well-made product.

Our prints are exclusively designed by and for Alakai, creating conscious, unique pieces for you to love.


Drawing inspiration from, and giving back to Mother Earth.

We make it our priority to reduce our environmental impact at every level of sampling, production, and transit. We are consistently working towards elevating each stage, and closing the loop to build a better world. 

Using natural fibres and eco-friendly dyes, we create limited collections to be loved and treasured in your wardrobe forever. By designing and releasing only 1-3 collections per year, each piece is highly sought-after so you can be certain no garment is ever sent to landfill. 

Our design aesthetic is timeless and intentional, escaping and exceeding trends. Alakai pieces stand the test of time and allow you to create your own capsule wardrobe. Our elevated manufacturing processes see that the garments are well-made, durable, and long-lasting, which means you can buy less and buy better. By actively managing fabric operations, we only ever produce enough textiles for the stock that is needed.

All our collections arrive polybag free, and all orders are delivered to you in compostable and recyclable satchels. Our thank you notes are crafted from recycled paper.

“The fast fashion industry weighs heavily on my heart and the planet. I have no interest in contributing to this with the type of business model that only causes more damage. I’m here for a better, more beautiful future.”

~ Amy, Founder